Thursday, March 31, 2011

The change. For better.

Well, I had to start at some point of my life...
Wonder if now is the right time to start. Hmmm... maybe it isn't... but who cares, anyway???

This week I received an e-mail which said that people who are mistreated or feel bad about something tend to be prejudiced, or something like this. Coincidence or not, this past week I'd been feeling kind of bad for my job, my salary, my life... and found myself treating one specific person badly. That e-mail (sent by somebody who doesn't even know me) was for me. I'm sure. I can feel it.
Why would anyone treat someone else badly? I got myself thinking about my behaviour... better say, my misbehaviour towards this co-worker of mine. It is just ridiculous how we feel so good, thinking "oh, I'm just doing my job"... what a lack of consideration! I cannot accept this kind of attitude from myself. Of course I've changed my attitude since this e-mail got into my inbox. But that also made me think that if I did that, many other people also do it. And they're probably thinking "oh, I'm just doing my job", and living their lives happily.
Changing is always possible.
Changing for better gives us a feeling of satisfaction.

I'm gonna keep trying to change. For better.